Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sweet Harmony: ABBA-rific!

Milkmen and lunch ladies...AWESOME. Honestly, this song has been stuck in my head since earlier in the summer. Don't really know why, only that it came on the radio on the way back from Virginia, and I did a silly dance. Meanwhile, two weeks later, there it was again on a Malcom in the Middle rerun. Malcom and Reese were doing an equally silly dance, that was quite similar. Suddenly, the song was on the mix when I ran a roadrace the following weekend. Something about ABBA sets the pace nicely, and they just sound so damn upbeat, it's hard to get discouraged somewhere around mile 4, while you've been going uphill for over a mile already...I DIGRESS!

Really, I just had to share the silly Milkman. This is sure to make it to my classroom website as a solid "Who can resist a good dancer" video.

Still, if you're partial to Swedish disco supergroups, check out the original ABBA video with its Brady Bunch like intro at .

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S said...

Um, I think you need to take your wife to see "Mamma Mia!" in NYC either pre-baby or post-baby when you need a date night. (You know you've got like 30 babysitters, or something like that.) Now THAT'S an upbeat show!