Monday, August 27, 2007

Sox Update

The Red Sox currently have the best record in baseball, at 80-51. They have the biggest lead in any divisional race, leading the Yankees by 7.5 of the 14.5 games they led in May. This past weekend, they outscored the White Sox a whopping 46-7, hitting double digits in 4 games over the course of three days. Yet, why is half of Red Sox nation collectively holding their breath for a 3 game set in the Bronx that starts tomorrow?

Fact is, the Red Sox have 6 games left against the Yankees, three of which are at home in late September. Of the rest of the games left, the Sox have the easiest schedule from here on out...despite playing a hot Yankee team. The rest of the Nation has to wake up, and realize that we actually are the best team in ball, and we plan on showing it.

Papi is peaking at the right time, and though he and Manny are not getting pitched to by most teams, the Yankees will give them pitches to hit. It's in their nature to not back down to anybody (much like the Sox), so everyone needs to just relax, take a deep breath, because there's a good chance that the White Sox series was a sign of things to come, and not an abomination.

Still...It'd be sweet to whoop the Yuckees in the Bronx...

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