Monday, January 23, 2006

Snow Days

We had a snow day today. How freaking awesome is that? Honestly, nothing beats the 4-Day week during midterm exams. Also, nothing beats a 25 year old man watching the tv (3 stations), checking the internet, and listening to the radio just to get that great message...School is CLOSED! Really, I haven't showered today. I'm not planning on it. I can't go anywhere, either, so why does it matter?

If you're not a teacher, and you're reading this, and have some sarcastic remark, think again. Complain that I make too much money for working 9 months a year, and get an entire summer off. I dare you. Then I challenge you to come and do my job for one week. If you have comments like this to make, don't waste your time. I work hard. I work damn hard.

Besides, who is going to teach these children how to act like RESPECTABLE human beings, since you, the parents, are not accepting your responsibility?

Quit your bitching.

I love snow days. You're just jealous that you got in the wrong line at college...if you even made it to college.


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Sara said...

Jerk! :P