Thursday, January 26, 2006

Best Commute EVER!

Apparently, Tuesday was supposed to be the most depressing day ever...Not so!

Here's how my day started out...

Or, the start of the best day ever...or whatever you want to call it.

Needless to say, many people complain about the variety on Connecticut's radio station. Sure, they over play things. Sure, radio in Connecticut is either easy listening, hip hop, or top 40, with a single country station. However, today, all the nay sayers were silenced. The soundtrack provided by Connecticut's radio stations during my morning commute produced, quite possibly, the most uplifting musical drive of my short teaching career. Here are the songs, in order, that brought me from Countrywood Hills in Waterbury to Seymour High School:

The Dukes of Hazzard, Theme: Waylon Jennings (92.5)
Unwritten: Natasha Bedingfield (96.5)
Sugar, We're Going Down: Fallout Boy (96.5)
Right Now: Van Halen (99.1)
Hey Ya!: Outkast (101.3)
Unwritten: Natasha Bedingfield...again (101.3)
Pump It: Black Eyes Peas (101.3)...You know, the one that samples the theme from Pulp Fiction We Belong Together: Gavin DeGraw (96.5)

All of this sufficiently got me positive for my day. Any nay sayers out there, be silenced. I was pumped, and very happy. I figured, nothing will bring this day down.

However, I thought I should share with you what I learned on my morning commute, earlier: The mountain might get me, but the law never will. I can straighten the curves of the road, and flatten the hills, as well. Right now is what's happening. Tomorrow is yesterday, so we have to live for the moment. You shouldn't put off what can be done today. Over come the problems that stand in our way. Run to get even, don't be left in the dust. Dream about tomorrow, not the past. If you're going to go down, go down swinging, and pump it...LOUD, because WE are everything WE need. We should all feel the skin. Nobody can feel it for you. No one else can speak the words on my lips. Today is where my book begins, the rest is still unwritten.

Ah the wise radio

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