Monday, March 24, 2008

back from hiatus

Over the past few months, there's been some serious other work. To be honest, a daughter takes precedence over the blog...and her blog is more important. Meanwhile, I've been sprung to attention by K's Auntie Niff, as she described the insanity of her drive home after Easter Sunday. It all started with "You can call me Al," which is easily the 2nd best video of my childhood.

However, the best ever was for George Harrison's remake of "(Got my mind) Set on you." This would be the fantastic one where he's in a study somewhere, with animal heads bouncing and the random dancing grandfather clock. This version goes along with the more commercial, radio edit of the single.

It was always a surprise and fun for all if MTV or VH1 played that video. You remember, back when they played videos. Still, very few people (I'm sure my brother is included in this number) remember the video for the album version of the song. It was rare, and nobody ever knew when it would come on. The crane, ballerina, and peep show aren't quite as awesome as a pipe-saxaphone playing squirrel, but still, this video was rare to see. You've got to hand it to a Beatle for releasing a separate video for the album cut.

Both are creative...but...there is no clearcut winner. One version is #1 for its undeniable fun and epic doses of whimsy. The other version, due to its enigmatic qualities, is equally numero uno. Luckily, they're for the same song. Oh yeah...I did this instead of working on my course assignments.

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