Friday, March 10, 2006

We're All In This Together

I won't lie. It's 10 o'clock, and I just finished watching Disney's High School Musical. Mostly, I watched it because some of the students in my sixth period were talking about it earlier in the week. At the same time, I wanted to see if it had that same cheesey yet good quality that found me watching Zoog movies after my lunch shifts at Bertucci's back in the day. I'm not going to feel too bad about watching, I am willing to bet that one of my siblings (if not both) has watched it...Of course, Stacey refused to!

This movie was cheesy. However, it was great. I highly recommend it. Disney did a great job with the casting. The kept most of the melodrama down to a minimum...only one father/son meltdown and one boy/girl issue. But the writers kept to that classic musical format, and I think that they did an excellent job. Additionally, I must say, the cafeteria scene...the one where all the teens secrets come out (I am a basketball player that like to bake...I'm a big, white girl, and my passion is hip hop...etc)...THAT WAS GENIUS! First off, the sing/talk was like watching...maybe Grease? Yeah, that was about it...same style as Summer Lovin'...sing/talk/sing/talk...Really well done. Plus, it was really like high school...Stick to the Status Quo...Do what you know...GOD FORBID cliques actually crossed over. HA! Whatever! Good job there.

And they finished with a big finale...which also was a medley of all the songs/dances from the rest of the show. That was prototypical musical styling, as well. You didn't see Disney do that with the Even Stevens musical...that's for sure! Plus, the message was quality. I wonder if any of the cliques at the school I teach at picked up on the students from all different walks of life singing "We're all in this together..." Maybe everyone will get along a little better? Nah, probably just wishful thinking on my part...

Give it up to Disney for more good cheese...don't be ashamed...I know you liked it too ;-)

I highly recommend High School Musical


Sara said...

For the record, you're going to have to count on your other sibling to have seen it, cause I haven't yet. I didn't know what the heck it was. All I knew was that a good number of the songs are in the top downloaded songs on iTunes!

Meanwhile, don't knock "We Went to the Moon..." from Even Stevens. That song rocked!

Sara said...

So I DVRed it, and OMG, just got finished watching it! You're right, Stick to the Status Quo rocked! Absolutely loved it. (And I think I might be the big, white girl who loves hip-hop.) But Troy totally needed to man up and just kiss the girl by the end!

Zoog movies (or whatever they're called now) never fail me, I swear!