Saturday, March 11, 2006

Less teeth than a broken zipper (or Plop Plops, Parm, and Papi)

Today was a lazy Saturday played out in stages. The first stage, though short, was abrupt and awful. At 5:25 am, a neighbor's car alarm started making noise. This is not a normal occurrence, but was particularly annoying because...a) it was 5:30 on a Saturday morning [or any morning for that matter] and b) the same thing happened with the same car a couple of months ago, only it started at 12:30 am, and went until well past 4:30...AND NOBODY TURNED IT OFF. This morning, it went on for about ten minutes. That was long enough. Long enough to have Stacey and I awake for the next 45 minutes to an hour, and the dog needed to go out! While we were lucky enough to fall back asleep, it still wasn't nice of a neighbor to let his car alarm go off when people should be sleeping, and probably WAS sleeping through said alarm.

When Stacey and I finally woke up again, it was because I headbutted her. Her face was near mine, and I moved. No harm, no foul, but still not the best way to wake up. Somehow, we ended up in a conversation about our final semester of college. Actually, it was because I used the word itinerant, and related it back to our class on the American Evangelical Tradition, but how boring a story is THAT?! Meanwhile, the conversation was funny. Stacey was very irked because she couldn't remember all the classes she took, which was kind of cute. It seemed like such a silly thing to get pissed about, but that's Stacey for you. I must be rubbing off on her.

After we got up, we ate our generic fruit loops, and planned to take the dog to a park/school to run around. Stacey was dressed before she came down, but needed her medicince. I needed to get dressed. Somehow, in the ten minutes we were upstairs, the dog took my favorite track jacket and ruined the zipper. Not a great moment in our times with Sydney, and needless to say, I was quite upset...Wouldn't you be? I got that jacket in San Francisco. :(

Meanwhile, we took Sydney to Wolcott high to run around. She was very cute, as she ran to the baseball field with me. It was muddy on the infield, but in the outfield everything was great. She made plop plops by the dugout, but it's the home dug out anyway. For about 15 minutes, we threw the tennis ball to her. Sydney's not too sure about the retrieval of the ball, but she's learning. Plus, it was good for her to be able to run around. Probably the worst thing was that she kept going up to this lady who was walking around the fields. She's annoying, but cute when she "talks to strangers." Then again, Sydney's always so cute when she plays, too.

After the puppy was too pooped, we drove around Byam Lake, and took her home. Stacey and I went to the mall for new sneakers, and to replace my track jacket. I'm not sure the new one will replace the old one, because it's not royal blue. Disappointing! Afterwards, Stacey and I washed her car (at the second carwash, the nice one had a line well into the street). Then we went to Fazo's deli to get some chicken parm.

I got home in time for my 2:15 fantasy draft...only when I signed on at 2:09, I found that it had started at TWO! All in all, I think i'll do well...It's a roto league. My draft was:
1. (9) D. Ortiz 2.(16) Mi. Cabrera 3. (33) A. Ramírez 4. (40) D. Willis 5. (57) J. Nathan
6. (64)
P. Burrell 7. (81) É. Rentería 8. (88) R. Canó 9. (105) P. Lo Duca 10. (112) J. Beckett
11. (129)
F. García 12. (136) J. Francoeur 13. (153) L. Hernández 14. (160) J. Borowski
15. (177)
G. Jenkins 16. (184) M. MacDougal 17. (201) J. Westbrook 18. (208) M. Barrett
19. (225)
C. Barmes 20. (232) A. Kennedy 21. (249) D. Roberts

I've got solid starting pitching, averaging about 15 wins and 135 K, each. I could use some more saves, but I can't complain. My team should bat about .290, and with Papi, Cabrera, Ramirez, and Burrell, I'm looking at 100rbi if they stay healthy. As for Jenkins, Francoeur, Renteria, and Barmes, the same could be said. About the only thing I could ask for would be more stolen bases.

Speaking of steals, I think the steal of this draft was Jeff Francoeur in the 12th round. The guy bat .300 with 45 rbi in 70 games for the Braves last season. Over 162 games, that projects to over 100 rbi. He's listed as the Braves right field starter, and with Edgar Renteria, Chipper Jones back from injury and pitchers looking to avoid pitching to Andruw Jones, Francoeur and Adam LaRoche should have great years. As a side note, I've already got a waiver request to get Kenny Lofton OR Jacque Jones for Dave Roberts...the runs increase, and the steals are comparable. Plus, Jones and Lofton are starting. As for Kennedy, I looked into getting Biggio instead, because as long as he's leading off, he's better as a 1 for run production over Kennedy in the 8 or 9 slot.

At this point, Stacey was watching Au Paire on ABC Family. When I complained that she watched that, but wouldn't watch High School Musical with me, she laughed. Her reasoning...Saturday is like vacation, and free for stupid movies. Not very fair, if you ask me, but what can I do?

I tried to work with my iPod, but that proved to be more difficult than I thought. The library is what goes into your iPod? Why can't they make it easy, and let me put ALL my music in my library, and then CHOOSE which songs to add!?!

Last comment...Why do my parents keep dropping off cookies? I appreciate them, but they kow I'm in the biggest loser competition at school. Would they really try to sabotage me? What do you think???


Sara said...

Dude, why do I keep getting left out for fantasy baseball?! I can play football and not baseball?

Ok, now I'm going to go scroll up and finish reading the rest of this. P.S., Your dog is wicked cute!

Sara said...

The story, morning glory, is that they're not trying to sabotage you, but Mommy will just bake and cook regardless. She doesn't care. It's like how Aunt Donna wanted to lose weight, but Grandma still baked three different desserts every night to go with dinner!

And for the record, you DON'T need to include your entire library on iTunes. Hold the CTRL button while you click on the songs you want, and then it will only add those songs, and not every song!

Stacey said...

For the record, when I asked chris why he 'needed to get home' by 1:30 today he said he 'wanted to watch his videos' for class. Um, NOT! He wanted to do the fantasy draft. Now, I may be evil, but am I THAT evil that I can't know what he is truthfully doing?? And then to find out that he also posted on his blog forever. What's that all about?