Monday, February 13, 2006

Walter Camp Banquet

Saturday morning I had to rush to pick up my tuxedo. I was supposed to get it on Thursday, but the wake took precedence. I was chaperoning the seniors while we went to the Walter Camp banquet at Yale.

First off, the driver didn't know where we were going on the campus. Not a big deal, as Skeeter got us there. How he went with us, I'll never know, but thank God he was there.

With the impending blizzard, things were slow. Only 8 or 9 of the 22 All-Americans actually went to the banquet. Joe Paterno left early. Reggie Bush was a prick, and did NOT sign autographs. Though, he took the time to get his picture taken with the pretty 18 year old that came with us. Which is still better than local standout Dan Orlovski trying to get with her. Honestly, dude, you're 23. That's not right at all...Especially when you ask how old she is. Seriously, issues man...Issues.

Since the banquet was quick, and nobody was really there, we had to wait for our ride. Actually, if you asked the seniors what there favorite part of the night was, they'll probably tell you that it was when two female Yalies kissed to get away from the harassment of 18 year olds in tuxes.

Why was I there? I think I figured it out. Our manager went, and he has a number of challenges. I think I was there because I was the only coach with the patience to work with him. I cut his steak for him, and escorted him everywhere, including the bathroom. Still, he was the best behaved kid there, and I was happy to help him out.

All the boys were relatively well behaved...Aside for some comments made under their breath towards the coach of our rivals.

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Sara said...

According to Ern, Danny O's dating some girl at Shelton High.

Hope she realizes her beau's got a tendency to stray.