Saturday, September 29, 2007

Seymour 62 Naugatuck 19

Football is always best on a crisp fall night. If there's a brief drizzle, it's all the better. However, what makes it football at its best is when there is a rivalry involved and revenge in the air. That brings us to last Friday, where the Wildcats needed to pound the 'Hounds in Naugabury, both to boost their ranking in the state and league, but also to avenge a stolen game from a year ago.

Both teams entered the game 3-0. Still, like a storm of Blue-N-Gold, the Cats rolled through Naugatuck, without so much as a hiccup. Seymour played better than it had all year, and some of its best since a cold night versus Pomperaug 5 long years ago. There was much excitement for the Wildcat faithful, as a new chapter in an old Seymour family unfolded. Robby Moir could do no wrong in the game, and though the rest of the team played extremely well, it was on his shoulders on which the fate of the game sat squarely...Rising to the challenge, the Wildcats returned home on Rt. 8 South with a 4-0 record, and eyes set firmly ahead for the Waterbury Tour of the coming weeks. If they continue to play with the fire and emotion they had this weekend, the Wildcats should meet Ansonia undefeated in mid-November.

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