Sunday, January 21, 2007

No More Kings: Sweep the Leg

Could there be anything more awesome than this video? Combining Karate Kid and Saved by the could anyone go wrong? My only issue is that Mr. Belding's son's name is Zack (because Zack helped deliver the baby), NOT Pete. That just made the whole story fit the band.

Meanwhile, this video is pure awesomeness. It is time to spread this video's awesomeness.
The video was conceptualized, written, and directed by Billy Zabka, aka Johnny, the nemesis of Daniel in the Karate Kid. The casting is superb, as the video features all the members and sensei from Cobra Kai, Daniel-san, and Mr. Belding as the NEW wise sage (since Mr. Miyagi cannot make an appearance from beyond the grave).

Thank you, Billy Zabka, for bringing together the awesomeness of Karate Kid and Saved by the Bell! As for how awesome it is, I couldn't say it better myself, so why try? Critics across the land rave over No More Kings' Sweep the Leg:

littleus2001 says, "holy crap it's Mr. Belding! this video's great. I think it's funny that William Zabka (aka Johnny) wrote AND directed the video. This definately brings me back to the 80's." While AlohaGeisha heralds the casting: "I can't believe that they actually convinced these guys to reprise their roles. I'm so amused, and impressed."

Don't miss out on SWEEP THE LEG.

All I have left to say is...Well done, Zabka, well done!

If neither embedded video works, visit and watch the video on the band's website.


S said...

This is wicked awesome! I'm totally stealing another youTube link from you!

S said...

What, you didn't put the Wolfpack kid on here yet? I know you just moved, but sheesh!

And speaking of which, you haven't talked about your move yet?