Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Sports Guy does it AGAIN!

In a recent mailbag (dated July 14), Bill Simmons is posed with the following question:

Q: During the Italy/Germany World Cup match, the announcers mentioned that the pope was cheering for both the Italian and German teams. I was wondering where he fits on your sports loyalties system? Is he an exception? He is of German descent, but he IS the pope.
Greenville, S.C.

SG: Yeah, he's the pope all right ... the Pope of Sports Bigamy! (Ducking lightening

Not only did he work bigamy into it, but it's not a half bad Pope joke. Granted, it smacks of a your mom response, but as usual, when it comes to the mail bag, the stuff that the Sports Guy brings is FILTHY (see said article if you don't understand).

On a side note, my father, upon return from chaperoning a weekend youth retreat, just left me a 4 and half hour message on our machine, telling me how much he appreciated that my wife and I went to the family reunion this weekend, AND adding how hot, and long of a weekend he suffered through as I was playing softball. He & my mother were helping 5 kids find God, and I was eating hamburgers, and hittin' dingers (much like Mark McGwire offers to do in the tomacco episode of The Simpsons)...mostly because he asked myself and my sister to go, because nobody else from his family would be able to go. Meanwhile, he spent the weekend sleeping in a giant circus tent, waking up around 5:30, showering in only cold water, and saving souls in the 90 degree heat!

He told me not to call back, because my parents would probably shower and go to bed. Can you blame him? I mean, seriously, the man is a martyr. Let's run him for Pope!


Sara said...
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Sara said...

I don't think he'd root for Germany, though!