Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Can't Keep a Good Man Down

Spoiler Warning:

Alias returned tonight. It was about time. Last season's car wreck cliff hanger left my jaw open for a good ten minutes. Then, we got hooked last year. The wife and I spent June through August watching EVERY episode.

The evil ABC executives ruined this History Family's world by canceling it earlier this year. But, worse, the favorite character at this house, Vaughn (aka Michael Vartan), was killed.

Maybe JJ Abrams read enough of the internet hate, but he finally got it right. While tonight's double episode was mediocre at best, viewers got what they wanted.

  1. Sydney finally had Vaughn's baby...She's been pregnant for what seemed like 15 months.
  2. After the baby was born, viewers were taken to a Buddhist monastery on the steppes of Bhutan. After watching what looked like a Mongol storm the monastery with the news, the high priest delivered the message. My brother, you have a daughter...and then we got what we wanted...VAUGHN WAS ALIVE!!! At least for this 5 second cliff hanger...

Vaughn's Back...Watch Out!

Unless that was JJ Abrams version of what heaven is, consider me much happier.

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Sara said...

Michael Vartan kicks way more ass than Jennifer Garner. No offense to her, cause I do like her too, but she needed to get over her little "I work with my ex, so let's kill him off the show" issues. She totally got hate mail for not being able to cope!