Saturday, March 4, 2006


Last fall, when Stacey found out she had MS, I became extremely frustrated. It was great news to hear she could have children some day. However, my frustration was not relieved. As a husband, I should protect my wife from danger. This is what I always thought. However, here I was, helpless to defend her. This bomb fell in our laps, and there was nothing I could do to keep her safe or make her better.

She's been so strong. Everyday, she takes her shots. The treatments are working great. No news being good news. But it certainly has changed our lives.

Last year, I vowed no more plastic/rubber bracelets, because of my psoriasis. But my wrist now has a red MS bracelet on it, no matter how chaffed or upset my skin could get. I don't care. It's wearing my heart on my sleeve. It was all I thought I could do to support and help.

Now that we're walking the MS walk in April, I found another way to help. I can protect her in my own way. I am no longer helpless in defense of my wife. I can help her. You can help me.

Please help support the cause, and make a donation for MS research. I thank you.

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