Sunday, January 8, 2006

Hockey Anyone

Last night, my sibs (Ernie & Sara), my father, and myself met up with my Aunt Ellen, Uncle Jerry, cousin Tania, her boyfriend, and my cousin Jerry's best friend, Stef. Jerry had a hockey game with his Sheehan Titans taking on Shelton's Gaels. (Maybe you read about the game today on Sara's blog)

The fans were the worst I've ever seen. When I told Ernie and Sara that, Ernie responded by saying, "They were bad, but not the worst I've ever seen. I was at the Giants game where they threw snowballs."

This is true. Still, I was at the high school hockey game where the fans threw a tampon.

I'm all for kids being kids, but ridiculous.

Meanwhile, the game was awesome. I'm quite impressed with the way in which Jerry is an enforcer on the ice. Similar to my own athletic career, Jerry definitely got psyched up into Hulk (Incredible or Hogan, it doesn't matter) mode after the first hit came. After this, Jerry was a one man wrecking crew. I just feel slightly bad for the dumb bastard who, after getting crushed into the boards by a Jerry check, came back for more, and got to taste glass some more. Actually, check that, the kid got what he deserved. As for the kid's father, complaining, he deserved to be checked as well. Meanwhile, I feel this second hit was well worth Jerry's 5 minute penalty. Really, you put a 210+ pound kid on skates, add some Italian temper to his blood, tell him it's okay to hit...well, somebody is bound to get hurt.

My biggest disappointment of the night came with the Sheehan teenaged fans. One of theShelton parent complained, and told them, "You can't chant that [Shelton sucks]." How disappointing was it that not one of the twenty kids was clever enough to come up with an appropriate pun on the Shelton mascot and start a chant of "GAELS BLOW!"?

C'est la vie.

Oh, and the Titans won, 5-1.

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Mrs. History said...

Hello Mr. History,
I'm just wondering who your audience is... since it seems a little odd that random people will be reading your blog about Uncle Jerry and Aunt Ellen. But, maybe they'll take a look at it.
Enjoy everyone!