Monday, January 30, 2006

Alito: Conservatives and Liberals

Some of you may have hoped to find somebody ranting and raving over how conservative the man is. Some of you may be applauding the Democrats who maintained a filibuster until an hour ago. The people over at Alito's America (is not our America), certainly are. Sure, the man is ultra conservative. Even I'm turned off by the so-called fundamentalists who probably take things a little too far.

However, I am so happy that this man is going to sitting on my Supreme Court. I love the Constitution.

Over at the Washington Post website, JD may be asking, "Alito will be confirmed and our country will suffer because of it. Why do Republicans hate America?"

We don't hate America. We love it, and we hate where it's headed.

Ted Kennedy and John Kerry will have us believe that this man will infringe upon our rights as Americans. Hillary Clinton has let on that the man is going to throw America back to the stone age.

Sure, the man isn't perfect. Nobody is. That is part of being human.

As for JD's comments, perhaps he missed the election results in 2004. The GOP was elected to run the show in both the Executive and Legislative Branch. Bringing to mind Andrew Jackson's spoils system, it is only fitting that when two Supreme Court seats became available, that the leading party in the government would fill them. The President has the right to nominate whom he wants to fill the positions. Wouldn't it seem reasonable that within this right, the President would nominate people who fit his views?

Roberts and Alito are no Midnight Judges, and George W. Bush is not John Adams (though the elder Bush and elder Adams compare quite amazingly). He is not attempting to put someone on the stands just before he leaves office.

Bush's goal, and I applaud it, is to leave some lasting change in America. Have you noticed the deterioration of the American family over the past four decades? This is one value that is missing, and it truly bothers me. I believe this is at the root at the steady rise of finger pointing that goes on in the world today. As is often the case, people do not wish to accept responsibilities that are truly theirs. Teachers get the blame when students are out of control. Worse, rather than instilling some discipline, respect, and sense of responsibility in their students, parents blame schools for their children's problems and often times drug them. As a teacher, it is rare that I hear a parent accept responsibility for their child when he/she is not behaving properly. Worse, parents are too quick to medicate their students rather than lay down the law. What are we teaching our children?

Meanwhile, too many divorced parents attempt to be buddies with their estranged children, rather than parents. What message is being sent by a parent who allows his teenaged child to have a party with alcohol, as long as they're responsible and turn over their keys? There are laws, and just because some liberal parent wants to seem hip. I think it's even worse when the rationale is "It was legal when I was 18, so I think it is fine for my kid."

I've digressed...back to Alito (and in a sense, Roberts)...

I liked what Tom Greydog had to say, when he stated, "Does anyone believe that if the Democrats were in control that they would not have tried to tip the Supreme Court to the left. They don't want a centrist anymore than the Republicans do. There won't ever be another Sandra Day. " Tom is very correct. Nobody would be happy, and nobody would nominate somebody who did not fit their politics.

It's amazing that some Americans view conservativism as "neo-fascism." What's wrong with family? What is wrong with respecting life? I am happy that Alito and Roberts will be on the Supreme Court. The respect for life is missing in this nation. Assisted suicide and abortion end lives, period. Hearts stop beating. Nothing gets more central to the fact. Perhaps, with these men as part of the Supreme Court, America will begin to respect life as it should be.

On that same note, one final comment...While I've been a staunch supporter of the government (because I stand firm in the fact that I believe in our Republic, and accept when I'm not in the majority[by the way, at the moment, I AM in the majority, despite what some liberals may believe])...Perhaps it's time to fully end the war. In the 4.5 years since 9/11, we've done a lot of good. Bush's Neo-Trumanism, spreading Democracy, has been very effective. However, the number of lives is rising, and while not even reaching Antietam proportions, people deserve a better life.

Perhaps, we should all look to George Washington, avoiding partisanship and entangling foreign affairs...look internally, and become as isolationistic as we can, and start looking at ourselves.

Every few decades, America goes through some sort of "Great Awakening," rediscovering its conservativeness after years of slowly becoming increasingly liberal. While we never become as conservative as we used to be, things get a bit more traditional...

America could use that...even for a little while...

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